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  • Our Story – Your Promise

    PROMISE® is an international premium cosmetics brand.

    All PROMISE® products are designed to provide maximum benefits in one application: a comprehensive 3600 treatment to meet YOUR skin’s specific needs.

    We PROMISE to be there for you: anywhere, anytime, with the best facial care products available, and with dazzling service fit for the 21st century woman that you are.

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  • Our Innovative skin-care system

    An innovative skin-care system that keeps its’ PROMISE!

    PROMISE's ground breaking skin-care system, Omni-Point™, pin-pointed multi-functional skin-care solutions, for a wide scope of age-related needs, with one great product line!

    PROMISE's new Salinity Secrets™, brings forth uncovered advantages ancient mineral waters from the Judean Desert. Enjoy strong, potent, healing properties derived – in your facial skin care products!




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