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Our Innovative skin-care system

PROMISE® is an international premium cosmetics brand that develops, manufactures and markets advanced, multifunctional, facial skin-care products. All PROMISE® products are designed to provide maximum benefits in one application: a comprehensive 3600 treatment to meet the specific needs of modern women of the 21st century.

PROMISE's ground breaking skin-care system, Omni-Point™, is based on unique and innovative proprietary agro-technological developments, which enable us to produce multifunctional formulas, and to provide pin-pointed skin-care solutions for women who wish to target a wide scope of age-related needs, with one great product line!

PROMISE's new ground breaking skin-healing system, Salinity Secrets™, brings forth newly uncovered advantages of lush crops from the Judean Desert. For 30,000 years, ancient waters have been absorbing all the mineral richness of the desert earth. Now utilized for agriculture, they make for super potent plant extracts, in proprietary cosmetic formulas for women who wish to target specific needs with finest results!

Our PROMISE® to our customers is to be there for them anywhere, anytime, with the best facial care products available, based on luxurious formulas with advanced active ingredients, for a fair price and through a memorable service.



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