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Your Purchase – Our Contribution

Mr. Asaf Dekel founded PROMISE, first and foremost, to provide your skin with innovative top of the line cosmetic products. However, with this venture, he also aims to help others in need.

He decided to turn the founding of a successful cosmetics brand, that complements the lifestyle of the 21 st century, to an opportunity to give back to society something he believes in.

Therefore, every product you purchase – will bring him closer this important goal that is already beginning to materialize right before our eyes: the founding of non-profit national support centers for at-risk and troubled youth.

Alongside his business entrepreneurship and professional activities in the world of cosmetics, Mr. Dekel is dedicated to helping at-risk and troubled youth. He has developed an especially effective coaching approach named Bike-Up Your Life, which he has been using successfully in the past years to empower adolescents in need, all around the country.

Now is the perfect moment for you to enjoy innovative products by PROMISE, to celebrate your special moments of the day, and also to know that thanks to you, resources are being invested for the advancement of important social causes, that will contribute to making this world a better place.



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