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Key Ingredients

Did you ever ask yourself why you love a certain skin-care product more than others? Did you ever wonder why you become addicted to a certain texture? Or why the results you get from different products vary so much?

It is all about the ingredients. What's in the jar? That's what makes all the difference!

The chosen ingredients, their growth habitat, how they are developed, the technology used to refine them, and surely the blend, all of these determine the quality of the product, its properties, how it feels, how it effects your skin, how you feel.

We love to think of our lab as a kitchen in a Michelin-starred restaurant. We use only the best ingredients available, and we make no compromises. These are only ingredients which have proven abilities to improve and restore the condition of your skin, and to provide it with everything it needs. Our professional team carefully picked and chose them from leading laboratories all over the world, labs that are at the cutting edge of the international cosmetics industry.

What do we do with these fine ingredients after we acquire them? we sample, mix, add, subtract, add again, change compositions and percentages, until we know that we have reached the winning mixture, the best recipe for your skin.

Now, we all know that your skin is one of your most prized and precious assets. That is why we figured, maybe you would like some information about the fine ingredients we have singled out for you, the ingredients that work on your skin day and night, and provide you with the wonderful moments you deserve.


Hydroxyproline Amino Acid – a primary component of collagen, this unique amino-acid is based on miniscule molecules that provide structural support and firmness to the skin. Hydroxyproline improves the skin's level of moisturization, it adds glow and plumpness to the skin and decreases the visual appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Sesame seed protein – these tiny molecules work to fill, tighten and stretch fine lines and wrinkles, until the skin looks smooth, even and tight.

Grenoble Walnuts– these unique nuts have been proven to contain a large amount of antioxidants that improve the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone, nourish the inner layers of the skin, and slow down the skin's internal aging process.

Omega 3 from flaxseed oil -  flax seeds are the richest vegetable source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. These oils clear your skin from toxins and waste, nourish it, renew the cells and act as highly concentrated antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals and UV rays.

Hyaluronic acid – a naturally produced compound, this critical acid retains huge amounts of water and helps the skin maintain a healthy level of hydration. It helps to strengthen inter-cellular membrane network and to thicken the epidermis. It provides the skin with a fuller plumper texture while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Biomimetic Peptidethis is an enzyme that replicates the natural regenerative efficiencies typical to youthful skin. It encourages collagen production processes in the skin, helping it to thicken and appear firmer and healthier.

Hexa-Peptide 8 – for reducing the deepness of wrinkles

Composed of 6 amino acids, this protein imitates the effect of Botox. It relaxes muscles around the eyes, thereby helping to decrease the appearance of winkles, and making the skin appear smooth and tight.

White Tea – for helping to protect collagen and elastin fibers, and for the firming of the skin

Rich in anti-oxidants, this extract protects collagen and elastin fibers, and encourages their regeneration. It also regenerates the epidermis, protects cells from oxidization, maintains the skin's flexibility, and helps prevent sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

Almond Oil – a light natural oil, rich in vitamins and essential monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc. It nourishes the skin, repairs it and locks in the moisture.

Avocado Oil – this essential oil is rich in vitamins and high quality fatty acids. It nourishes dry skin, keeps the skin hydrated from the inside out, soothes irritation and redness and renews the skin's texture.

Shea butter – for softening the tender layer of the skin around the eyes, for soothing and for achieving a gentle, smooth and even texture

Natural organic Shea butter is absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. It nourishes dry and dehydrated skin, soothes irritation and redness, renews skin cells and helps increase blood circulation, for a radiant glowing appearance.  

Rose Hip Oil -  this magical delicate oil comes from the seeds of a specific variety of rose plants. It is rich in vitamins A and C, it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it soothes irritation and redness, it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, lightens the skin tone and improves its texture.  

Squalene –for softening the tender layer of the skin around the eyes, for soothing and achieving a gentle, smooth and even texture

Squalene is a natural ingredient produced from olive oil. It nourishes and hydrates the skin, it encourages cell regeneration and it functions as an extra powerful anti-oxidant.  

Centella Asiatica – widely used in the orient, this plant has been clinically proven as having fantastic benefits for the skin. It speeds up the healing of wounds and damaged epidermis. It boosts antioxidant activity and strengthens the skin. It encourages collagen and elastin formation, while improving the volume, the tautness and the elasticity of the skin.

 Kigelia Africana pulp – cultivated throughout South Africa, the Kigelia Africana is a tree that grows fruit which is rich with skin enhancing ingredients, such as plant-originated peptides that have an instant smoothing and tightening effect on the skin. With regular use, the peptides reduce fine lines and wrinkle depth, and provide an increase of blood circulation and volume to the skin.



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