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The lowdown on mud masks: everything you need to know!

May 29, 2018

The lowdown on mud masks: everything you need to know!

From sleepovers to spa days, mud masks have probably made an appearance in your life at some point or another. Whether it’s the novelty peel-off variety that’s clogging up our Instagram feeds, or the luxury kind reserved for those extra-special pamper days, mud has most definitely made it into the mainstream.

But what makes these masks so special? And what beauty benefits do they promise? Here we tell you everything you need to know about mud masks.

What is a mud mask?

 The act of smearing mud and clay onto our skin is far from a new trend. In fact, mud baths have been used for thousands of years as a healing treatment for all kinds of illnesses thanks to all the purifying salts and minerals found in this natural substance. That’s not to say that all mud is created equal. Since the first recorded use of Dead Sea mud in the 1st century, this mineral-rich ingredient has been prized for its healing properties, as well as its ability to draw impurities out of clogged pores and mattify excess sebum.

Nowadays mud masks contain even more goodies. Packed with exfoliating acids, vitamins and natural soothing extracts, they can help to detox, refresh and revive tired skin.

5 beautiful benefits of mud masks

 Mud masks are loaded with beautiful benefits. Here are the top five.

Naturally exfoliating
The clay used in mud masks is usually slightly abrasive, meaning it can naturally exfoliate dead skin cells when washed off. The result is a clearer complexion, a radiant glow and extra smooth skin to boot!

Mud masks are a great beauty option for those suffering from oily skin that’s prone to breakouts. Boasting some impressive purifying potential, the naturally detoxing mud enhances the skin’s “waste disposal” ability, helping it kick out impurities and absorb excess sebum. Properly cleansed skin means fewer pimples and clearer, brighter skin.

Tightens pores
Pesky pores getting in the way of sparkling skin? Then a mud mask might be able to help. By pulling excess sebum and dirt from enlarged pores, it helps to tighten skin and shift blackheads.

Healthy skin needs regular nourishment, and a mud mask provides just that. Dead Sea mud contains plenty of magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium – minerals that your skin loves. All that good stuff leaves your skin nourished from the inside out.

Feel-good factor!
Whether you use them for a pamper day or just a quick pick-me-up, mud masks leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalized. Not bad for a bit of mud!

Mud masks come in all shapes and sizes, so always look out for ones that contain plenty of skin-loving ingredients and formulas that really work. If you’re looking for instant get-up-and-glow (and a silky smooth liquid texture that your skin will love), thenLIQUICK is your best friend – it’s packed full of purifying Dead Sea Mud and a whole host of other goodies.
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